dance sharp with power

Dance Sharp and with Power


Learning the different styles of each team you plan to audition for is crucial when preparing for the big day… but regardless of the sytle of dance, something you should ALWAYS do is dance with POWER and ENERGY!
Showing your personality through your movement is key to getting the judges’ attention…. one way to do this is by being sharp, precise, and powerful with your moves.
So I’m going to give you the “inside scoop” on an easy way to give your movements that extra POP! & What I’m going to share can be done in the comfort of your own home.
Plus, I’ll show you a side by side comparison of the difference in dancing full out vs. not full out… that way you’ll have a visual of what YOU can achieve after taking action on what you discover in this video!
P.S. Take the dance moves (AKA snippits) I show you in this video to help you practice being sharp and powerful before auditions! You can even use these in your freestyle! Remember… Your “Dream Team” might have a different style of dance but your energy and pop to keep the crowd going is always a MUST!

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We wish you success in all that you do! And we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!!

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