Sooin Reese

“The first time I stepped on the field was one of the most amazing feelings of my life… I can’t even try to describe it. However, by helping ladies get on to the sidelines I hope to share that moment with them and hope to show them how it feels to perform in front of over 90,000 fans. But it’s not all about performing in front of the fans but being a role model for young ladies who want to stand where you are. After ten years of being a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, I have so many unforgettable memories and stories. It was hard. It was fun. And at times it was freezing (LOL!); however, it was all worth it. Being a cheerleader is so much more than just wearing fancy uniforms…. Its all about your respect and commitment to your team members, your love of performing, and most of all, your commitment to make others feel special…. something so little from you can mean so much to others. I have traveled all over the world and experienced so many great things and made so many friends… friends I will have for a lifetime. No matter what – We were and are always there for each other.”

Sooin Reese is a Co-Founder of SidelinePrep with a long time friend GeNienne Samuels. Originally from Seoul Korea , Sooin Reese is a ten year veteran of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. Prior to dancing for the Redskins, she was a MISL Baltimore Blast Cheerleader for one year.

As a Redskins Cheerleader, Sooin has performed overseas for troops all over Japan, Germany, Guam, and Alaska. She also performed in a military tour with the Beach Boys. She also cheered on the 2008 Bangalore Cheerleading Team in Bangalore, India where she was featured in a music video and appeared in Maxium magazine as a Bangalore cheerleader.

Some of her accomplishments as a Redskins Cheerleader include:

  • Model for the annual Washington Redskins Cheerleader Annual Swimsuit Calendar
  • Featured in a FedExField game-day commercial for 3 years
  • Featured in three sport magazines, one as a cover model
  • Featured in Korean and Japanese newspapers
  • Featured in numerous online websites: ESPN, yahoo, and msn
  • Appeared in a movie in LA as a professional cheerleader
  • Cheered at the America Bowl in Osaka Japan
  • Cheered at the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio

After many years in banking, as a Bank Manger and Business Development Officer/Assistant Vice-President, Sooin has experience as a hair designer/colorist and Real Estate Agent. She has an eye for what looks good on people…hair color, hair cut, make up… audition outfits…. what would fit what body type and what color clothing fits skin tone. Sooin is known for giving her honest opinion… to help her clientele meet their personal appearance goals.