Path to the Pros

Discover your Path to Going Pro by performing with confidence at your next audition!

The first level of the Pro Sideline Pro Path Journey is the Dreamer stage which can be related back to you are just in practice mode.

Congratulations! When you’re in this stage, you “decide”:

  • You are with putting yourself first to pursue your dreams
  • You are capable of becoming a Pro Cheerleader
  • What goals you need to achieve to “Go Pro”

In order to move into the Trainee stage… aka get to “Semi-Finals”… you will need to…

  • Decide on your personal worth, your goals & you ability/skills to Go Pro
  • Get clear on you vision to becoming a Pro Cheerleader & the life you want to create
  • Discover the Pro Cheer opportunities that are our there & set goals to reach your vision
  • Believe & understand that you deserve to put yourself & your dreams first

In order to do that, here are a couple of things we can offer you to help!

5 Success Secrets Training
This complimentary training is a great place to start if you want to know just what it takes to be a pro cheerleader. Not to mention we give you our top 5 success secrets on how to make your Pro Cheer dream a reality for FREE! 
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Are You Pro Cheerleader Material Quiz
Now that you know what it takes to Go Pro, let’s see if you are ready! By taking this quiz, we can see where you are in your pro cheer journey which will help you understand what it is you need to work on to get to that next level. 
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Pro Cheer Free Resources
Preparing to become a pro cheerleader can be quite overwhelming. We like to say there are four main components you want to master to become a pro cheerleader: Mindset, Nutrition/Fitness, Dance & Look. These four “buckets” each hold a lot within them, but it’s good to have a broader sense of what it is you need to know and practice to Go Pro! Take advantage of our “Freebies” as we touch on each component and give you FREE tips and tricks to help you prepare for that next level of your training! 

At the trainee level (Semi Finals in audition terms), you’re going to focus on the most important stage of the Sideline Pro Path: Preparation! You will commit to learn, develop & improve in all areas for the Pro Cheer Preparation (P.R.E.P.) Process.
In order to get to Finals, or the “Determined Dancer” stage, here’s what you need to do:
  • Commit to your dreams, your personal worth, your goals & your ability/skills to Go Pro
  • Commit to Sideline Prep’s Pro Cheer P.R.E.P. Process (Plan – React – Evaluate – Perform)
  • Improve & work on all of your OFIs (Opportunities For Improvement) regularly & consistently. Make preparation a part of your daily routine… a part of your lifestyle
  • Begin feeling more and more confident each day as your skills, abilities, competence & knowledge improve & increase
This is where things start to get a little more serious! Here’s how we can help:

Pro Cheerleader Fast Track Bundle
Our Pro Cheerleader Fast Track Bundle is for you in you want a little taste of everything to fast track your way to success! Note… I said a taste, but this bundle is definitely jam packed with tons of tips, tricks, tutorials and bonuses for your to start getting familiar on what it’s like being a Pro!
Click HERE for more details and to start fast tracking your way to the PROS!

Pro Cheer Assessment
Our Pro Cheer Assessment is our most popular service (besides our Signature Pro cheer Playbook Program). Mainly because it’s a great starting point to get PERSONALIZED feedback on where you are right now in your journey and how to get crystal clear about what you should work on before your next audition. The Assessment includes 3 Main components: Personalized Feedback, Personalized Assessment Form & One-on One Planning Session.
Click HERE for more details on how you can get your Pro Cheer Assessment TODAY!

Pro Cheer Video Critique
Are you in auditions now and need to know if your video is up to par before you hit submit? Or maybe auditions are in person but you already have the routine and want some feedback on how you’re performing before you go back in the audition room? Our video critique, similar to the Pro Cheer Assessment, gives you the opportunity to get one on one personalized feedback on your video to make sure your executing the routine at the pro level! Not to mention if it is a video submission, you don’t only get feedback on the routine, but on the video quality, lighting, background and more so you can stand out amongst all the other video submissions.
Click HERE for more details!

Pro Cheer Choreography
Weather you’re looking to choreograph your solo or you just want to be a little more confident with a choreographed freestyle, why not get choreography from the PROS?! Our Pro Cheer Choreography is CUSTOMIZED choreography just for YOU that highlights your best skills and moves which still adding the Pro touch! Personalized choreography, step by step tutorial, music editing PLUS one on one feedback after you learn it!
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Annual Pro Cheer Workshop
Our annual Pro Cheer Workshop is the place to be if you want to Learn from the Pros themselves! From Directors to Coaches to Pro Cheerleaders themself… our workshops are jam packed with tons of dancing, tips and tricks on all things pro and even Q&A sessions with the Pros!
For more information on our next Annual Pro Cheer Workshop, Click HERE!

This is it! You made it to Finals! You’re determined now more than ever to make the team! It’s so close you can taste it! That’s what the Determined Dancer stage feels like.
Now you are starting to build momentum toward reaching your Pro Cheer Dreams. As a Determined Dancer, you’re going to keep pushing forward, not give up & stay focused. At this level, you will consistently practice your craft of being a dancer & performer!
Next stage is making the team and here’s what you need to do to make it:
  • Celebrate your success, live in the moment & enjoy the Accomplishment of your mini milestones
  • Remember why you want this & focus on the positives. Give yourself credit for the accomplishments you’ve made so far
  • Revisit the “Trainee” stage by re-committing to the P.R.E.P. process & eliminating you OFI’s before your next audition
  • Attend your next audition with Sideline Prep’s 5 P’s: Prepared, Positive, Polished, Personality & Power!
You’re determined to make this happen and we want to help! These are a couple of services we offer to those who are ready to do what it takes to make the team!

Pro Dance Academy
Whether you’ve been dancing your entire life or you just started dancing yesterday, our Pro Dance Academy is here to level up your technique and have you performing like a PRO in no time! As a dancer, it’s important to ALWAYS be working on your craft and in the PDA, you can look forward to guided instructions, strength & conditioning exercises, across the floor sequences, warm up/stretching/flexibility workouts, actual pro dance routines taught by the pros and not to mention ONE ON ONE feedback on it all! We take your from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced so you can level up like a Pro!
Check out more about what the Pro Dance Academy has in store for you by CLICKING HERE!

Pro Cheer Makeover
Want to stand out from your competition… capturing and keeping the judges attention? Of course you do! And we want to help create and achieve your UNIQUE Pro Cheer Look that makes you feel confident and power! Our Pro Cheer Makeover includes a review of you and assessment in a one on one consultation where we craft a personalized look just for you. Expert advice, tips and tricks are waiting for you on all things from makeup to hair to attire! 
Click HERE to learn more!

Pro Fit Experience
This 6-month program one-on-one program is designed to be a true accountability and coaching program when it comes to health and fitness that ensures proper, safe and healthy life style and mindset changes. We work with you to develop a plan based around your goals, food preferences, workout preferences, etc. Having access to our Lead Nutrition & Fitness coach is a HUGE bonus as you’ll get personalized PROFESSIONAL guidance every step of the way!
Click HERE to start your health journey today!

Sideline Photo Shoot


Lights! Camera! Action!! It’s time to strike a pose and make the BEST first impression at your next audition! Although professional headshots are not always required for auditions, making sure you’re representing yourself in the best way on paper is key to capturing the judges attend right when you get to auditions. We host 2-3 photo shoots a year with Professional Photographer, Drew Xeron, who is not only an award winning photographer but also photographs the PROS! 
Click HERE to check out when our next Photo Shoot will be to secure your spot!

 This is it! It’s time to GO PRO! Your increased confidence feels so good, right? As a Sideline Prep, you’re building on the momentum, skill & knowledge as a determined dancer, at this level, you will eventually master your craft of being a dancer, performer & confident, beautiful soul!
But in order become AND remain a Sideline Pro, here’s what you need to do…
  • Perform like a Pro at your next audition by being prepared, positive & polished and showing your personality & power! (The 5 P’s)
  • Ensure you keep a positive mindset and continue to see yourself (visualize) performing your best and hearing your number called as a new rookie member
  • Feel the joy and true happiness as you are now living your dream as a pro &/or semi-pro cheerleader! Congratulations!
  • Shine on the sidelines at the games and soak it all in. Continue to practice your craft, attend appearances, be a dependable team player and positive role model!
It takes a lot to be a pro but it’s so worth it when this dream is in your heart and it is possible for YOU! There is one last service we can offer you and we like to call it our one-stop shop for all things Pro Cheer… our Signature Pro Cheer Playbook Program!

Pro Cheer Playbook Program
You’ve got this and we’ve got you! Our Signature Pro Cheer Playbook Program is an all inclusive 4-month program that will give you EVERYTHING you need to know about going pro, tactics, tips and guidance on how to go pro and the accountability you need to make sure all your goals are met! From mindset to dance to look to fitness, every aspect of the audition process, how to prepare and what you need to make the team is included in this program. 
Everything on this Path to the Pros is included in this program! You get access to it all!!! (excluding the Sideline Photo Shoot & Pro Cheer Choreography) Plus you get 20% off ALL Sideline Prep services and TONS of bonuses along the way!
This is a beast of a program for those serious about going pro! 
Click HERE to dive into ALL the the Pro Cheer Playbook Program has to offer!